Buy from us a premium range of industrial-grade ABB electrical products that are commonly used in control and distribution systems to ensure efficient transfer of electric power. Get these reliable and energy efficient devices from us at a reasonable and low price.
RR Wires Cable
Get durable and flexible RR Wires Cable from our company in various grades to build reliable electrical channels to ensure efficient power transfer. The offered wires are coated with a synthetic sheath that functions as a barrier to prevent damage from harsh industrial conditions. 
We are a leading distributor of BCH products that play an important role within electrical systems to control input power. There are many different types of these industrial-grade devices availed by our company that can be delivered to our customers as per orders placed by them at a reasonable price. 
HEX Cable glands
HEX Cable glands are specialized fittings that are widely used in electrical systems to ensure secured installation of cables. These components are manufactured by using top-quality alloyed materials that provide high mechanical and thermal strength that help to prevent damage to electric cables. 
Electrical Goods & Equipment
Our company is known as one of the leading distributors of reliable and durable Electrical Goods & Equipment that can be used in residential, commercial, and industrial sectors for secured installation of various types of electrical elements. Buy from us these premium-grade components in bulk at a low price.
Distribution Transformers
Distribution Transformer machines are heavy-duty voltage controllers that are commonly used in electrical substations and industries to efficiently distribute voltage via transmission lines. These machines are designed by using a top-grade copper coil that greatly eliminates the risk of power loss. 
HRC Fuse
Buy from us top-grade HRC Fuse for electrical systems to provide extra security from current surges and overvoltages. These safety components are available in many different sizes and electrical ratings as per applications where they are going to be installed. 
Circuit Breaker
We are offering reliable Circuit Breaker switches that come with an auto-trip mechanism that functions by shutting down the circuit when the current exceeds the safe limit. Buy from us these electrical safety units as per your requirements with an assurance of fast and safe delivery. 
Modular Enclosures
Modular Enclosures availed by our company function as protective housings that are designed to secure electrical components. They are available in various sizes and designs that can be customized as per orders placed by our customers. 
Lightning Arrester
Lightning Arrester fittings are specialized safety components that play a vital role in the protection of buildings and outdoor structures from the impacts of lightning during bad weather. The offered products are manufactured by using robust materials with high electrical conductivity. 
Power Supply Unit
Khandelwal Agencies is one of the leading distributors of Power Supply Unit for various types of commercial as well as industrial-grade electrical systems to supply required power. Get these reliable and energy efficient units from us with an assurance of fast and safe delivery. 
Neptune Volt Meter
Get premium-grade Neptune Volt Meter in various sizes and power ratings to accurately determine the voltage of input signals. These electrical instruments can be used in heavy-duty machines such as transformers, substations, and more to monitor voltage. 

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